Letting Chibobo Shine

This Project requires teachers and students to develop useful solutions which address the real challenges of providing sustainable energy. It uses the context of a developing country (Zambia) as the basis for engaging students in real world problem solving tasks. Since 2004, we have been helping the Chibobo Orphanage to become self-sufficient. This has highlighted a need for the development of energy solutions that are environmentally sound and cater to the local context. Explore the site. Consider the ethical challenges of intervening in a community in a developing country. Use the data collected, and investigate sustainable energy solutions suitable for Chibobo.

Aquinas College Overnewton Anglican Community College Going Solar

Partner Schools involved in the Project are: Overnewton Anglican Community College (Keilor and Taylors Lakes) and Aquinas College (Ringwood). Both these schools are based in Melbourne, Australia. Consultants to the Project Team: Going Solar (Melbourne).

Letting Chibobo Shine


This material has been developed as a part of the Australian School Innovation, Science, Technology and Mathematics Project funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Science and Training as a part of the Boosting Innovation, Science, Technology and Mathematics Teaching (BISTMT) Programme.