Project Team

Letting Chibobo Shine Team

Project Leader - Andrea Dart
Overnewton Anglican Community College (Head of Curriculum)

ASISTM Critical Friend - Dr. Gloria Stillman
Senior Lecturer Mathematics Education (University of Melbourne)

Consulting Engineer - Suraj Neupane
Going Solar (Senior Projects Engineer)

Curriculum Expert - Stephen Marriott
Aquinas College Ringwood (Senior Physics Teacher)

Curriculum Expert - Saverio Ciccone
Overnewton Anglican Community College (Senior Physics Teacher)

Website Development - Daniel Zuccon
Antevo Melbourne (Operations Director)

Special Thanks

Special thanks to: John Nunan (Retired Engineer) for the data collected on site at Chibobo in 2004; Sasha Giffard (International Development Officer with Going Solar) for the feasibility study; Nerida Leggo (Overnewton Old Collegian) for measurements, Chibobo site plans and support with photographs; Sally Cutts for photographs; and Joy Whiteside (Senior School Teacher-Librarian at Overnewton) for the webquests and website review.