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Medical Clinic - Food - Photovoltaic Panels - Water
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The Medical Clinic serves the Orphanage and the local community. The Action Plan for its development posted on the door of the Church building refers to building a kiln on the construction site to fire the mud bricks. The original clinic operated in the lean-to shelter about 50 metres from the new clinic and serviced approximately 300 locals. Images of the newly-constructed Clinic show the front verandah, the rear of the building, newly-poured cement still drying in July 2007, and the mud bricks made on site. The community is now working on the construction of the Medical Officer's house (adjacent): its completion will see the Clinic fully operational, 7 days a week. We hope to support the community by assisting with the provision of supplies for the Clinic. The Clinic's floorplan can be viewed in the "Chibobo" section of this website.