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Food is a precious resource and never wasted in Chibobo. Firewood is gathered from the clearing of nearby farmland. Cooking for guests in Chibobo is done by Foster, Packsina and Lydia, using braziers under the verandah of the Guest House. They arrive at 5:00 am to start heating water for guests' breakfast at 7:30. Most cooking is done on open fires. Large pots of Nshima (ground maize) are boiled, stirred and thickened to the consistency of play-dough. This is the community's staple diet. Carers are shown here cooking for the orphans, and Agatha Chibuye is seen cooking for her family outside Abeauty Chibuye's old house. The orphans assist with cleaning the pots using water and gravel. Following harvest and drying in the sun, maize cobs are pounded with sticks wielded by orphans and carers. This loosens the kernels which are collected and ground into flour at the community's Hammermill. Three local women are seen carrying maize to the mill for processing and a local boy transports his family's flour back home by bicycle. Workers are shown processing the maize inside the mill. A gentle breeze assists with the winnowing of the kernels, shown tumbling out of Angela's bucket. Paprika is seen drying in the sun before being ground in the mortar and pestle by Elizabeth, an orphan. Finally, it is sifted and used for flavouring the Nshima.